Admittedly, CW’s Gin Joint is a throwback to a time when fine spirits were savored in a casual atmosphere that exuded style and gentility, without pretentiousness. Where notable and obscure liquors added a warmth and refinement to any conversation. You’ll find that our revival of that urbanity mirrors that of our preserved and restored urban space in downtown Tampa. And that’s just the way CW wants it. CW, meaning Carolyn Wilson, our proprietor and designer. Equally impressive is the team of experts CW has brought together to build a delightful and delectable menu, creating the perfect pairings for our choice libations. Though Carolyn will be quietly behind the scenes, she won’t be far from the joy and comfort she hopes to bring all our patrons. Whether CW’s Gin Joint is your first destination or your sole destination, we promise to make each visit like that wonderful moment when you sip something rare, and savor it.